about me

I am a Lincolnshire based artist, working in wood and reclaimed materials.

Inspiration comes from the victorian era of packaging and advertising.

I make furniture from a mixture of new and reclaimed materials, and distress to give the impression of many years of use, I also buy select pieces of furniture to restore, using these as an artists canvas, each distress mark giving an impression of how it has been used over the years.

All my advertising is hand signwriten using traditional skills, the business names and wording I use are unique to myself although I can personalise any item.

Each and every item I make has been individually made, no two are ever the same.

I sell a wide selection of wands potion bottles and giftwares online & through 20-21 visual arts center, church square, scunthorpe, I have teamed up with 20-21 visual arts center to offer personalised items, you can simply choose what you want and collect when ready, saving on postage costs.

The designs and names for Richardson's Wands are all unique,  

If you would like any more information on my work or would like to discuss a commission, please email me through the site.

Best wishes

Mark Richardson